Fourteen years of buying and selling online (mainly gemstones, pearls, jewelry, wristwatches, minerals, and artworks) have given me an irreplaceable, in-depth insight into patterns of buyer and seller behavior. There has been a lot of positive as well as negative in this experience. However, precisely the latter has served as the inspiration to start this online resource – Smart Shopping School. At some point you get truly annoyed seeing various scam tactics and models of unprofessional behavior taking place again and again, causing buyers to overpay up to a hundredfold and not even get what they have paid for (on many occasions not even suspecting that anything is wrong).


You do always have two options – you can either learn from your own mistakes and pay a high price for them, or you can learn from the mistakes and experience of others. This resource’s mission is to provide you with the second option. Its aim is buyer education and protection.

You can buy thousands of items, get scammed over and over again, read hundreds of articles, lose tons of money, and have the same experience after years of struggle. Or you can take a shortcut and use to your benefit experience that has already been accumulated. The choice is entirely yours.

Most important is not even that you will be able to avoid bad purchase decisions resulting in losing money, but that you will gain confidence in your decisions. This is something we all want – the warm, comforting feeling that our decisions are right, isn’t it?

Last, but not least, I believe that the online marketplace has to become a more honest and ethical place, and this resource’s aim is to contribute to that cause. Smart Shopping School has one main goal: to ensure that what you buy is the right item at the right price.

So, do not hesitate, read the blog, and avoid common online shopping mistakes resulting in lost money. If you still lack confidence in your purchase decision, ask for free advice, and get rid of any frustration.


Buy smart or don’t buy at all!